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"This program "Winning the Game of Credit" has helped us tremendously- we just cannot say enough about it." - Lisa & Ed Martinez
"This program offers something that I believe we all really need - The ability to take charge of our credit and solve our credit problems."
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"I promise you that anybody can do this, in fact, if after examining this program at home for 30 days, if you still think it is to difficult, send the program back and I'll refund every penny! THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO LOSE IS YOUR BAD CREDIT!!!" - Lucie Knight

"I wasn't going to let the collection agencies put a bad mark on my credit report, for money I didn't owe, I got the program "Winning the Game of Credit" and I'm fighting it myself!" - Lee Curri
I used the program "Winning the Game of Credit" and it straightened out my accounts and now I have great credit." - Ralph Smith
Approximately 80% of all Americans have problems with their Credit Reports.
The Information On Your Credit Report Can Be Changed.
It is Not Illegal or Immoral to Improve Your Credit Report.
Credit Bureaus Are Not Government Agencies.
The U.S. Public Information Research Group reported that credit bureaus are "Public Enemy #1" at the Federal Trade Commission.

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